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June 06, 2016

Situația înaintea examenului/ semestrul II


Andacs 8
Balarau fara credite
Fodor Marius 8
Muresan Flaviu 9
Praschiv Vlad 8
Semeniuc fara credite
Stanciu E?
Sur L 3 p


Smuczer A 10
Poputa 10


Filon fara credite
Soporan fara credite


Adam fara credite
Sarba fara crediteCocioni -10
Craciun -10
Derevlean 3 p
Dirlea -10
Gal fara credite
Gheoca fara credite
Gligor 10
Hodasz fara credite
Hoha 10
Kareta 10
Lipovanu fara credite
Marian 9
Opincariu fara credite
Patrascu fara credite
Pintican fara credite
Revnic fara credite
Rusu I fara credite
Surducan 10
Tofan 10
Toth fara credite
Zerni fara credite
Zilahi 8
Dogeanu 9


Boariu 10
Bochis 10
Chereja fara credite
Gaceanu 8
Gatej 8
Medrea fara credite
Oborocean 9
Timoc fara credite
Toma 10
Timicer 7
Maxim 8


Gogea fara credite
Bota 8+1 =9
Ciurte fara credite
Fuleki fara credite
Hudisteanu fara credite ? E?
Malarciuc fara credite 
Neferu fara credite


Armasu fara credite
Brandas fara credite
Forfota 10
Gheorghean 10


Cigodaru 10
Constantinescu fara credite
Culda 10
Dascal fara credite
Dumitras fara credite
Lonhard fara credite
Lorincz fara credite E?
Moldovan I 9
Oarcas 3p
Peter 10
Spin 10


Balint H fara credite E?
Closca fara credite
Costea 10
Csaka fara credite
Csog fara credite E?
Danci 8
Demeter 3p
Dugan 10
Fratila 10
Gherba fara credite
Hari fara credite
Ilies fara credite
Jisa 9
Mocan fara credite
Padurean 10
Rosca fara credite E?
Runceanu fara credite
Rus fara credite
Simanovszky fara credite
Simion 10
Spataru fara credite E?
Strimbu fara credite
Suciu fara credite
Tatar fara credite E?
Toth fara credite

Cei care sunteți menționați cu "fără credite" puteți intra în examen doar dacă îmi prezentați înainte adeverințe medicale valabile pentru durate lungi. La fel cei cu 3p (3 prezențe). Aceștia pot intra în examen, dacă doresc, cu scăderea unui punct din notă.
În cazul în care observați inadvertențe, vă rog să mi le semnalați pe mail.


ora 9: Grafica

ora 10: Ceramica + Design Textil + Design Vestimentar + Design

ora 11: Pictura + Sculptura + Foto + Conservare

May 23, 2016

Attention! - final grade

If you couldn't find your blog/site acknowledged it means that you do not have the 4 in-class attendances. Today is the last chance to get the 4th.
Fratila (D), Dugan (D), Boariu (F), Moldovan (DV), Atomei (G).
Otherwise, your blogs will count just as one usual comment and you will take the exam.

May 17, 2016


If you decide to make your own blogs and/or sites, do not forget that I can only take them into consideration if and only if they have enough text(s) in English to accompany the images. And I do remind you that you are supposed to write 5 posts, out of which one has to be your artist statement.

To send the title of your blog/site as a link, select to publish your comment as name & URL (where you write the exact address). Do not publish your comment as Anonymous, or anything else. In the "comments" box write the name and department. I commented here as an example.

I will not take into consideration the comments which do not offer me a functional link!!!

May 16, 2016

May 09, 2016


- usually published by organizers of exhibitions (museums, galleries) under the form of brochures

Communicative purpose: to illustrate the most representative aspects of the exhibitions

-offers color reproductions of the most representative works; short critical essays, or fragments, or quotations to help the public better understand the show as a whole and some works in particular

- is usually prefaced by the curator of the exhibition


- are promotional materials which offer exact information about an exhibition (the exhibiting artists - some information about them); place (the exact location/even a map sometimes); time (the opening day,  the display period, daily visiting schedule; visiting fees; contact details); they usually offer some visuals of the exhibited works to arouse the curiosity of the public

- the card also functions as an invitation to the opening day; it may use the exhibition poster as visual information