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May 17, 2016


If you decide to make your own blogs and/or sites, do not forget that I can only take them into consideration if and only if they have enough text(s) in English to accompany the images. And I do remind you that you are supposed to write 5 posts, out of which one has to be your artist statement.

To send the title of your blog/site as a link, select to publish your comment as name & URL (where you write the exact address). Do not publish your comment as Anonymous, or anything else. In the "comments" box write the name and department. I commented here as an example.

I will not take into consideration the comments which do not offer me a functional link!!!

May 16, 2016

May 09, 2016


- usually published by organizers of exhibitions (museums, galleries) under the form of brochures

Communicative purpose: to illustrate the most representative aspects of the exhibitions

-offers color reproductions of the most representative works; short critical essays, or fragments, or quotations to help the public better understand the show as a whole and some works in particular

- is usually prefaced by the curator of the exhibition


- are promotional materials which offer exact information about an exhibition (the exhibiting artists - some information about them); place (the exact location/even a map sometimes); time (the opening day,  the display period, daily visiting schedule; visiting fees; contact details); they usually offer some visuals of the exhibited works to arouse the curiosity of the public

- the card also functions as an invitation to the opening day; it may use the exhibition poster as visual information



- are very short texts written by the curators, or by the museum staff, sometimes by the artists themselves, to inform the viewers about the exhibited works, by providing such details as the title of the work, the medium/media, its dimensions, the artist's name and very short biographical data, the date the work was finished, the name of the owner or collector, specific technique/s 

THE ARTNEWS (the news report)

- a journalistic genre
communicative purposes:
  • to offer information to the readers "as accurately and dispassionately as possible"(Vijay Bhatia: 1993: Analysing Genre:Language Use in Professional Settings: 161)
  • to announce an artistic event / "breaking news"
  • to define the context
  • to show cause-effect relationships
  • to report comments, different viewpoints
  • to forecast (give expectations) future developments
media: art magazines, journals, newspapers that also have an art section, the Internet

Task: bring your own piece of artnews as a comment (no more than 10 lines).

Deadline: May 21, 2016

April 11, 2016

Dali's "Christ of St. John of the Cross"

Listen (actually, read the subtitles) to this interview taken to the artist:

Then, think about the documentary on Dali's  "Christ..." that we have watched;

How do you comment on the theme, its treatment, the possible meaning(s) of Dali's masterpiece? Are there any intriguing aspects? Where would you place it in the context of his whole work? Is it consistent with other works; if so, in what way? What other aspects do you find worth mentioning?

Deadline: April 30th, 2016